Who Are the Top 3 Rivals to Tesla?

Main Points Tesla is up against a lot of opposition from established automakers like Ford and Honda.

Focusing on premium, high-end electric automobiles has helped Tesla flourish (EVs).

According to KBB, its nearest competitor sold 18,257 EVs overall in the third quarter.

According to Stephanie Breenley, Tesla's Model Y sport utility vehicle and Model 3 compact car were the 2 top SUVs, accounting for more than half of all EV registrations.

BYD, a Chinese company, has emerged in the first half of this year as a new and serious competitor.

whose overall sales are exceeding Elon Musk's Tesla, including its plug-in hybrid versions.

The distance between Ford's Mach-third-place E's result and the Model 3's second-place finish demonstrates the remarkable early lead Tesla has had in the electric vehicle race.

Because of its commitment to its consumers, General Motors is the greatest Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) competitor for customer service and global coverage.

In 2014, William Lee established Nio, which has developed into one of Tesla's more noteworthy rivals.