Who Provides the Batteries for Tesla?

Batteries for the electric vehicles built in Tesla's Shanghai factory are provided by CATL.

Along of purchasing them from businesses through supply agreements, Tesla also manufactures its own batteries.

CATL, LG Energy Solutions, and Panasonic (PCRFY) are among those that are present in China along with these.

While Japanese corporation Panasonic is no longer Tesla's only battery provider, the two businesses first struck a supply agreement in 2009.

Tesla still receives a lot of batteries from the Japanese company in high volumes.

Panasonic continues to be Tesla's most important battery partner, its largest volume supplier, a part of every vehicle on the market, and the production partner for Tesla's Nevada-based Gigafactory.

Long-term supply agreements with leading battery manufacturers are among the company's achievements.

and OEMs including BMW, Volkswagen, LG Chem, Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chemical.

The LFP batteries used in Tesla vehicles are provided by CATL, one of these key suppliers.

It helps Tesla produce its products at a lower cost in an era where the cost of metals like nickel and cobalt has increased.

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