Why Are Spikes Often Found On The Side Of Semi Trucks' Front Tires?

Many truck drivers may place the spikes as a form of covering, guarding against corrosion and street debris damage to lug nuts.

Many truck drivers install spikes to shield the lug nuts from corrosion caused by rain or snow as well as from premature wear brought on by grit and other road debris.

Tire studs are useless if the truck driver who installed them is still operating the vehicle carelessly and causes an accident.

Even if truck tyre spikes are harmless, it would go against the driver's natural instinct to approach them.

Additionally, tyre spikes have the benefit of distancing other motorists.

because, as in movies, other drivers believe truck spikes to be extremely dangerous.

Decorative wheel spikes are prohibited by several transportation companies to prevent any perception of hostility or intimidation.

And to project the image that they are concerned with being polite and driving safely.