Why Can't Tesla Sell Cybertruck For $40K?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has previously stated that more traditional pickup trucks may replace the Cybertruck if sales are weak due to the Cybertruck's huge body and unusual angles.

 When Tesla's Cybertruck was first unveiled, its distinctive design quickly attracted media attention.

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been fairly consistent in stating that this fully electric pickup will be  one of Tesla's biggest  draws so far.

The facet-like body of the Tesla EV Cybertruck can  be totally enclosed, and a retractable steel  roof keeps the truck's  bed dubbed a "vault" by Elon Musk's team  locked away.

According to Musk and Tesla, the Tesla Electric Cybertruck's body and windows are extremely strong and durable, making them one of  its key advantages.

 Musk himself requested  a volunteer to launch  a missile into the  new vehicle during a demonstration in order  to test the Tesla armor  glass.

Keep in mind that CEO  Elon Musk was talking about manufacturing  costs for Tesla rather  than the sticker price for

 a Tesla vehicle you might purchase in the future (though he would subsequently explain that his words included effort  in making automobiles).

In a move reminiscent of the previous year, when Tesla was attempting to increase Model 3 

manufacturing, Musk claimed to have given his finance team the go-ahead to review every cost internationally.

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