Why Do Many Semi Trucks Have Spikes On The Side Of Their Front Tires?

Many truck drivers will mount the spikes as some kind of covering, protecting lug nuts from damage caused by street debris and corrosion.

 Many truck drivers install spikes to protect the lug nuts from premature wear caused by grit and road debris, and from rain or snow corrosion.

Tire studs do nothing of value if the truck driver installing them is still driving recklessly and causes an accident.

The drivers natural instinct would be not to approach Truck Tire Spikes, even if they are innocuous.

Tire Spikes also have the added advantage of keeping other drivers at bay,

since other drivers assume Truck Spikes are highly dangerous, like they do in movies.

Some trucking companies prohibit ornamental wheel spikes in order to avoid a perception of aggression or intimidation,

And in order to promote a picture that they are focused on being courteous and driving safely.

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