Why Do Tesla Tires Differ So Much?

Theoretically, Tesla uses tyres similar to those found on internal combustion vehicles, with a few small but essential modifications.

In reality, a Tesla employs tyres that are essentially the same as those used in gasoline-powered vehicles, with a few modifications made by the firm in the future.

Tesla tyres differ slightly from standard tyres for gas-powered automobiles,

because Tesla tyres have a better load capacity and a greater range.

Tesla does not equip its cars with tyres with a zero-degF rating, like many other ordinary sedans on the road today.

Sometimes, the tyres put on Tesla cars are just a more expensive version of the standard tyres you'll usually find on other automobiles.

Due to their increased cost, these tyres are more expensive than the batteries for Tesla's electric vehicles.

thus they need more frequent maintenance and replacement than batteries and cannot last as long.

Goodyear unveiled a new tyre developed exclusively for electric vehicles.

Specifically, the new tyres will be used on Tesla vehicles first.

a brand-new tyre created especially for Tesla vehicles, who will be the first to receive the new tyres.