Why Does The Tesla Semi Truck Have Only One Seat In The Front?

The drivers seat does not let the driver see as far as the tips of Teslas semi trucks

but it is a good step up from most of the semi trucks frequenting U.S. highways.

The drivers center-position seat is also positioned farther forward than in most trucks

as there is no engine to compete with for space.

Unlike the seats of other trucks, the drivers seat on the Semi is located at the middle of an equally elegant interior

giving the driver the best view from the windshield, according to Tesla.

Orlando-based startup EV Semi-Fleet will employ drivers on a CDL basis to haul cargo to distribution centers in a Tesla Semi EV truck.

Electric trucks, including Tesla Semis, are imminently necessary and desirable

making trucks more efficient and safer for drivers, fleet operators, and the environment benefits the world.