Why Does the Tesla Semi Truck Only Have  One Seat Up Front?

The perspective from the driver's seat is still  noticeably better than the bulk of semi trucks

that are often seen on U.S. roads, even though it is not as good as the  tips of Tesla's semi trucks.

The center seat  for the driver is likewise positioned more  forward than in other trucks

 because there isn't  an engine to fight for space.

In contrast to seats in other trucks, the driver's  seat on the Semi is positioned in

the centre of an equally sumptuous interior,  giving the driver the  best view out the window.

The Orlando-based startup EV Semi-Fleet will hire CDL-holding drivers to  move cargo to distribution centers in a Tesla Semi EV truck.

Trucks that are safer and more efficient for drivers, fleet managers, and the environment benefit everyone.

Electric trucks,  such as Tesla Semis, are both  desirable and desperately needed.

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