Why Lack Airbags in Semi Trucks?

While airbag safety is becoming more of a norm in all automobiles and trucks, it is not a requirement for big trucks.

 For highway safety in the US, automobiles must include airbags for the driver and passengers.

Airbags are not necessary in semi trucks since an accident won't exert much force on the driver  within the cabin.

Every time there is a collision that causes the vehicle to flip, tubular airbags would  cushion the driver's head.

 All trucks are required to have side airbags, however Freightliner trucks additionally include tubular side airbags.

 The only manufacturer that supplies standard driver-side airbags on all models is Volvo, which  was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer  to do so.

Despite features like autonomous braking and side-impact airbags,  trucks continue to pose a serious threat to passenger automobiles.

 Because they saw one firm go above and beyond safety, creating a safer environment for the driver, and inventing new safer components,

 several manufacturers are now adding airbags on their semi trucks.

The reason why airbag regulations for semis and commercial vehicles should not be passed is because the truck's size will protect the driver  in an accident.