If Robert Whittaker were to be paired up with Alex Pereira, he would expect there to be a significant size difference.

In his octagon outing, the kickboxing sensation won the UFC championship this past weekend at UFC 281.

Pereira defeated Israel Adesanya in the fifth and final round of their main event fight.

Whittaker couldn't help but notice how big Pereira was in comparison to their middleweight opponent.

Pereira shared weight highs of 232 pounds. In the end, he had no trouble reaching the 185-pound threshold.

Because of his previous two defeats by Adesanya in recent years, Whittaker found himself in a precarious position this year.

 The window of opportunity has reopened now, but he might still need to wait for a potential rematch between the two develops first.

Prior to that, Whittaker will have to resume his winning ways by defeating the aforementioned Costa  at UFC 284 in Perth.

Whittaker said, "I understood that if I waited until November to see who would win, that I might perhaps waited out [for] a title opportunity.

"The problem is that I've already done that," I just keep spending so much time sitting on the bench. I'm over it . I'm done with waiting."

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