Why The Ford Mustang Mach E Is The Best Choice For Those Looking For A Practical Pony

The biggest, interesting piece of information that everybody wants to know all the time about this

all-electric vehicle is, obviously, what range does it have, and how powerful is the battery pack from a performance standpoint.

As promised, the EV Mustang Mach E is more than comprehensive as well from a practical standpoint

making for one of the more versatile electric crossovers available right now.

That is because the Mach-E is a member of the Mustang family, so it has both heritage and performance promise to attract consumers.

The beauty of the Mach-E is that beyond its expected familiarity with family design

it does not really feel or look any different from the rest of Fords cars.

The seats in a Tesla Model Y or a Volvo C40 -- cars that I consider to be

the more likely competitors to the Mustangs all-electric early days are far more supportive.

Sure, Fords iconic Mustang may have grown a bit stale over the past few years

with its noisy, polluting combustion engines not coming anywhere near the performance of electric engines from Tesla and others.