Why Would You Buy A Tesla EV Over A Mercedes Benz EV?

Mercedes-Benzs recent introduction of the EQS, an electric luxury sedan, takes a direct shot at the Tesla Model S.

I recently drove a $141,000 EQS 580, the top dog in the EQS line.

Mercedess new series, the EQS, is going to provide a far more executive, luxury feel than Teslas Model 3.

In fact, one has to wonder how Mercedes new EQS series is at all, given how both cars perform, and how much better its specs are on the Model 3.

I am not saying the new EVs may not persuade more people to switch to Mercedes-Benz for an EV

but these folks will be looking at super luxurious cars priced above $100,000.

While the German carmaker is still largely dependent on sales of conventional, internal combustion cars

it is increasing its EV capabilities, likely to bring it into closer competition with US electric-vehicle giant Tesla.

The new electric vehicle is a rear-wheel-drive model, whereas Tesla only sells Model S models equipped with two-motor, three-motor, four-wheel-drive drivetrains.

Mercedes warranties mirror Teslas to some extent as well, providing standard 4 years of new vehicle coverage as well as powertrain

but differentiated by offering an expanded warranty on Mercedes EQS cars, with an electrical component specific warranty covering up to 10 years, or 155,000 miles.