Why Would You Choose A Tesla Electric Vehicle Over A Mercedes-Benz?

The EQS, an electric luxury vehicle recently unveiled by Mercedes-Benz, is a direct jab at the Model S.

The most expensive  model in the EQS line,  the EQS 580, cost me $141,000 lately.

Compared to Tesla's Model 3, Mercedes' new series, the EQS, will have a significantly more  upscale, executive feel.

Given how both vehicles function and how much better the Mercedes-Benz EQS series' specifications are than those of the Model 3, one is left to question how it really compares at all.

I'm not saying the new EVs won't convince more individuals to switch to Mercedes-Benz for an EV; nevertheless, these consumers will be considering extremely expensive cars costing more than $100,000.

 The German automaker  is expanding its EV capabilities even though  it still depends largely  on sales of  conventional, internal combustion vehicles.

 This will likely put it in closer competition with  US electric-vehicle  giant Tesla.

Rear-wheel drive is a feature of the new electric car, but Tesla only offers Model S variants with two- or three-motor, four-wheel drive drivetrains for sale.

 In some ways, Mercedes warranties are similar to Teslas in that they offer standard 4 years of new vehicle coverage and powertrain coverage.

However, Mercedes distinguishes itself by offering an expanded warranty on Mercedes EQS cars that includes an 

electrical component-specific warranty that can last up to 10 years or 155,000 miles.

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