Will a 2023 Ford Maverick be released?

Ford now offers an off-road Tremor package on a truck-sized pickup for 2023, in addition to the XL, XLT, and Lariat trims.

Unlike the Ford Maverick Hybrid from 2023, the existing model may be stylishly dressed up.

both through the Tremor aesthetic package and an off-road package.

This year's Ford Maverick added the new Tremor package when the 2022 Maverick made its debut.

allowing for more severe off-road applications, with a raised ride height and skid plates.

The new Tremor off-road vehicle has an  inch more lift than  the stock truck thanks to a reworked suspension.

Ford has improved the coolers and gearbox half-shafts to provide better handling in more challenging circumstances.

Only the XLT and Lariat versions are offered with a new black exterior kit, which hides some of the distinctive features that surround a Ford Maverick.

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