Will Army Of Robots Build Tesla Cybertruck ?

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk prepared to reveal the advancements made toward building humanoid robots during

the companys Artificial Intelligence Day presentation Friday, Teslas (TSLA) recruitment announcement revealed details of Teslas goals.

Tesla is working on developing a humanoid robot (Optimus) and hopes one day to produce millions of the bots

deploying them first for jobs in Teslas factories. While the Optimus is a considerably

smaller product than the Tesla EV, it presents its own set of challenges.

Teslas going to be using a simulator to teach robots how to perform a large range of tasks

well before Tesla makes a physical robot that walks around your kitchen.

We reported on Tesla taking large deliveries of Kuka robots at the Texas Gigafactory to create a production line for Model Y last year.

With Cybertruck expected to start production in six months, it seems probable

that the scores of KUKA robots are destined for a specific pick-up line, which has begun tooling.

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