Will Tesla Cybertruck  be compatible with Semi’s megawatt V4 Supercharging ?

During the Semi's first delivery ceremony recently, Tesla missed an important Cybertruck detail.

The new megawatt charger from Tesla is used by both the Cybertruck and Semi.

For the Semi, Tesla created a high-power charger.

The megawatt charger uses a similar technology to Tesla's V3 Superchargers,

according to CEO Elon Musk and Senior Manager of Semi Truck Engineering,

Dan Priestley. It is a megawatt class charger, capable of charging at 1 MW DC.

The two executives mentioned that this new charging technique will be

available at the company's Supercharger Network starting in the next year in light of these facts.

This should categorically place Tesla's Supercharger V4 technology among the most potent and quick chargers available.

The V4 system's technical specifications may start to stand out as a selling feature as

the network grows and becomes more accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles.