When Can 2023 Maverick Hybrid Orders Be Placed?

The Ford Maverick Hybrid is set to become available in the Model Year 2023. Customers can expect to place their orders for the Maverick EcoBoost during the spring of 2022, with order books closing towards the end of summer.

2023 Maverick
2023 Maverick

It is expected that customers will have one week to finalize their orders for this model year before order books close for good. The exact timing and offer details will be shared by Ford closer to fall 2021 when they open up the order books. Customers who wish to get their hands on a 2023 Maverick Hybrid should keep an eye out for updates from Ford regarding when they can place their orders.

Ford recently revealed the new Ford Maverick, a compact pickup truck set to transition like the Ford Bronco did with its new model year. With this new transition comes the all-new Tremor off-road package, which is sure to be a hit among year buyers.

Recent reports suggest that order books for the 2023 Maverick Hybrid will open as early as next week as part of Ford’s production and transition plans. Customers can expect these order banks to remain open until late September when they start closing in preparation for the 2023 model year transition.

Although there is no official word from Ford on when customers can place orders for their 2023 Maverick Hybrid, recent reports suggest that it could be as soon as next week, giving eager customers plenty of time to get their hands on one before production starts later this year.

Ford has closed the order books for the Maverick Hybrid Trucks until September, but that hasn’t stopped some truck clubs from posting dealer notices on their pages and forums.

The Maverick Hybrid is expected to come equipped with a turbocharged EcoBoost engine, making it one of the most efficient trucks on the market. Customers should make sure to take advantage of this window of opportunity before Ford closes its order books again in September.

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