Why Are Spikes Often Found On The Side Of Semi Trucks ‘ Front Tires ?

Semi trucks are an essential part of many businesses in the transportation and shipping industry. Semi trucks require regular maintenance and upkeep in order to operate safely and efficiently. A major part of truck maintenance involves tire inspection and rotation, as semi truck tires experience heavy loads and long hours on the road.

Semi Trucks
Semi Trucks

Many semi truck drivers may notice spikes on the side of their front tires, a common but unfamiliar feature. Spikes on semi truck tires can provide various benefits and can help reduce the cost of tires for drivers.

One of the main reasons for spikes on the side of semi truck tires is traction control. As semi trucks tend to have high load weights, the additional traction from spikes on the tires can help provide more stability, allowing for better control of the vehicle in certain road and weather conditions. This improved control also results in more effective braking, as it takes more power to brake on slippery or icy surfaces. The spikes can also improve traction in tight turning, allowing for sharper and more accurate turns.

The spikes can also be useful for off-roading applications, providing the vehicle with better grip and maneuverability in the process.

Furthermore, the presence of spikes can reduce the cost of tires. As the spikes allow for increased traction, they also help reduce the wear and tear on the tires. With less tire wear and tear, tires can last longer and provide more value. As a result, drivers can save on the cost of having to purchase tires more often.

In addition, the presence of spikes also helps provide increased safety for the driver and passengers in the truck. In hazardous conditions, the spikes provide an extra layer of protection that can reduce the chance of accidents occurring due to a lack of traction.

Overall, spikes are often found on the side of semi truck tires for various benefits. They help with traction control, improved braking, and cost savings due to fewer tire replacements. They also increase safety and provide increased stability for drivers in certain road conditions. Although spikes may appear strange, they can provide numerous benefits for drivers and their trucks.

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