Will The Cybertruck Be The Fastest Charging Ev With A 1-MW Speed ?

Will The Cybertruck Be The Fastest Charging Ev With A 1-MW Speed ?


Tesla has not confirmed whether either Semis or Cybertrucks can be charged with a 1-megawatt capacity right from the start, but this statement does indeed obviate the likelihood that there would be either a standalone Megacharger ecosystem, or that Tesla would adopt the megawatt charging standard, or MCS, sooner rather than later.

Either way, it sounds like Tesla is going to be rolling out superfast Tesla Supercharger V4 stations with cables and systems in 2023 that support quicker charging for the Cybertruck.

That means that when Tesla Cybertruck goes to market next year, we can expect to see insanely quick charging speeds on Tesla Cybertruck, with the automaker adding that new tech to not just its new charging stations for Tesla Semis, used commercially, but to the Supercharger stations used by normal Tesla drivers as well.

Now, in conjunction with the Tesla Semi models actually beginning deliveries, the company itself has shared more technical details about Tesla Cybertruck as well, like the Tesla Cybertrucks compatibility with super-fast charging up to 1 megawatt. During their large launch event, Tesla unveiled their brand-new ultra-fast 1 MW charging technology, which is most likely going to be known as Megachargers, or level-4 supercharging stations.

Tesla confirmed it plans to utilize the Immersive Cooling Method new to its Supercharger V4 charging cables, capable of handling up to 1MW. Its Supercharger V4 charging cables, capable of handling up to 1MW.

This means Tesla is likely the first to offer faster, higher-speed charging capabilities using the companys Liquid Cooled cables. Tesla is opening its new design for its EV Supercharger plugs up the world, pushing a new standard for quick charging of 900kW up to a megawatt. The charging speeds, which will be the fastest available to the public, will roll out over the next year on Teslas Supercharger network across the U.S., said founder Elon Musk.

Tesla is seemingly going to finally go into the ultrafast electric car charging era with the Cybertruck EV pickup, since Elon Musk said that the electric pickup truck will be able to benefit from the all-new 1MW liquid-cooled V4 supercharger system that Tesla is creating for Semis, although Elon Musk did not say how much.

At the Semi delivery event, Teslas CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla would use the enhanced liquid-cooled Superchargers from its next Semi, and also the Cybertruck. Perhaps the biggest reveal of Semis delivery event was Teslas plans to offer its new charging system for Semis in Cybertruck, slated for 2023.

The new 1000-volt powertrain that Tesla developed for Semi trucks will also be repurposed into other vehicles that Tesla is developing, but did not reveal what models, or remained silent about CyberTruck either.

The manager for Semi Truck engineering at Tesla shared a variety of specifications about the Cybertruck, one of which was its charging capability, which confirmed our earlier report that it would draw more than one megawatt (MW) of energy from their megachargers.

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